Being fully aware of the growing expectations of the Investors and market trends, we offer fully comprehensive services with respect to the execution of building designs, as well as professional technical support and service. For all work, we provide multi-year warranties.

Furthermore, we provide our knowledge and consultations regarding workmanship, technologies and choice of products or brands. Our management personnel continue to improve their expertise through various types of industry-oriented training and successfully implement new solutions.

Among the services we offer, you will find:

Building designs

  • Interior designs – when creating interior designs, we concentrate mainly on the character of the space. They take into account contemporary trends and the requirements imposed by the Clients.
  • Building designs – we prepare fully functional building designs, with maximum utilization of usable and social space.
  • Discipline-specific designs – these include designs for electrical, water & sewage or ventilation systems. We focus on the best possible layout which guarantees the highest comfort and safety of use.

Building work

Our offered services for building & finishing work include:

  • complete or partial demolitions
  • gypsum plasterboard walls and units
  • gypsum and suspended ceilings
  • mezzanines
  • gypsum finishes
  • insulations
  • internal and external plasters
  • concrete screeds and floors
  • concrete floors, self-levelling and special-purpose floors
  • tile and floor laying
  • painting and wallpapering
  • assembly of store windows, mirrors, logotypes
  • assembly of furniture and doors
  • development of supplementary spaces (assembly of racking, H&S lockers, organization of manager’s workplace)
  • decorations
  • assembly of store windows (in cooperation with Justart)


All installations fulfill all requirements of binding H&S, fire protection and sanitary inspection regulations. The work is performed according to the previously agreed design, supported by measurements and approvals. We complete the full range of:

  • Electrical systems (including low-current systems)
  • HVAC systems
  • Water & sewage systems
  • Gas systems
  • for offices, shops and other public spaces.